Q. Does my child need to have previous creative arts or performing arts experience?

Drama Scene is ideal for all levels, an ideal place to make a first exploration or to increase skills. We use original Process Drama programs for all sessions that have been designed by Drama Scene to respond to the interests and skill levels of Players. Sessions are conducted in a friendly atmosphere that fosters a positive group dynamic and confidence and encourages Players to acquire new techniques and build on skills at an age appropriate and individual level.


Q. How will I receive feedback on my child’s progress?

Newsletters and updates are emailed regularly. We invite family and friends to ‘Perform & Play Sessions’. Once we know you, you can ask to join our Facebook group (which is closed to the Public) – this is regularly updated with news and photos you can copy and print. Children are presented with Certificates of progress and participation. Coaches also welcome discussions with parents.


Q. Can my child join Drama Scene at any time throughout the year?

Our Rolling Curriculum means children may join a Group at the commencement of any of the four terms in a year and some programs can accommodate children joining at other times (please ask).

School Holiday Programs run on both daily and weekly enrolment lengths and participation in these events can be on a program by program basis.


Q. When are enrolments and fees due?

As all sessions run with the optimum number of players, an Enrolment Form must be received before the first session. Places in a group are allocated in the order Enrolment Forms are received.

It is anticipated that Fees will be paid for a child to take a place in a Drama Group. Most families ensure Term-time fees are paid before their child turns up for a class. However, we know bills can come in fast sometimes, so we offer a $15.00 option activating an Administration Extension for Fees to be paid during a Drama Term.

Our online Enrolment Form can be saved or printed as a Tax Invoice / Receipt.

Workshop Fees, including School Holiday Fees are due in full before attendance, to secure a place.

In the school holidays, CCB Receipts are available on request.


Q. Are there any additional charges?

You will be pleased to know that Drama Scene provides Drama materials & resources, costumes, props, masks, music, art & craft supplies etc. We will NEVER ask your child to bring anything into drama. You will never have to provide a costume for a performance, for example.

Our Staff are paid hourly rates. Therefore, if you arrive late to collect your child, without notice, we have to charge you, as we have to pay our Staff for the child care they have provided. (Often keeping them back means keeping them late for their next job!) Fifteen minute blocks are $10.00 inc GST. We know this is standard and most families will be used to similar arrangements with OOSHC, OSHC, After School Centres and Day Care facilities. This fee can be waived at the discretion of the Coach, particularly when advance warning is given, as we can then reassure your child someone is on their way to collect them and we understand anyone can have one of those days when they are stuck in a traffic jam. Please just ring and let us know your predicament. Contact the Drama Scene mobile 0407 235 914.


Q. Can my child do a free trial class?

We know it is very hard to explain to children what Drama is. We also know that a child in the Drama Room can be very different to the student they are in the classroom or the personality they display around their family, their friends or adult company. Those that are reserved can bloom with confidence and find their voice. Those that are thought to be robust and verbose can become circumspect. Some children emerge as leaders. Some like to leap in. Some like to survey and assess before having a go. Some will only do Drama if a friend is their too. Others find Drama is a place where they make many new friends.

It would be impossible to pre-determine how a child will go in a new Drama Group. A little like walking to the door of a party and looking inside. Children have to join in to see if they are ready for Drama and if the group dynamics are right for them. We consider all children are trialling Drama as we can tell who love it, who benefits from it and of course we would let you know if your child really does not want to be there, perhaps does not have the imagination or the behavioural control. If we suggest your child should try a different activity and withdraw from Drama, of course we would give you a refund.


Q. What does my child wear to a session or workshop?

School uniforms are suitable for sessions during or after the school day. Players should wear comfortable ‘play clothes’ to Sunday and School Holiday Workshops and sessions. Players may be asked to remove their shoes for safety reasons. Members of the Drama Scene Players, Sunday Scene, Dramasceners or Players Stage Crew may be requested to wear all black clothing (Theatre Blacks) to some rehearsals or performances.


Q. What does my child bring to a session or workshop?

Please bring a bottle of water to every session. If required, the need for snacks and hats will be advised.


Q. What do I do when my child will be absent?

It is important that Drama Scene Coaches are made aware when any absences are intentional as this allays any fears that a child has not arrived as intended and also allows session planning suitable for participating Players. Please call the Drama Scene mobile on 0407 235 914 with details of your name, your child’s name and the session your child will miss. We cannot give refunds (just like on a sporting team, you do not get a refund for missing a training session) – however, we do offer catch up sessions – your child is able to attend any session, any term, at any location, to make up for a missed session.

Your child will have taken a place in their Drama Group, therefore we do not give refunds for absences. If you go on holiday during the term or choose to attend a different activity that runs at the same time, we encourage you to consider attending catch up sessions.


Q. What do I do if there will be different arrangements for my child’s departure from a session?

Even if changes are temporary, please call the Drama Scene mobile 0407 235 914 with details of your name, your child’s name and information about any alterations. It is important Drama Scene Coaches are aware of your child’s departure plans on all occasions.


Q. Can I watch my child’s session?

We appreciate your interest in the content of your child’s sessions with Drama Scene. Please also appreciate that some children behave differently in front of an audience and a Parent or Carer or any non-group member in a Drama space can create the sensation of an audience that influences Players responses in a session (increases and decreases in confidence and focus, etc.). For this reason we look forward to inviting family and friends to ‘Perform & Play Sessions’. These are sessions when you can participate in Drama with your child which will give you terrific insight into our Drama Process and your child’s personal accomplishments and give us an opportunity to explain the skills developed through participation in each game, exercise, scene, theme. We also encourage you to book a time to chat with your child’s Drama Scene Coach after a session or please call the Drama Scene office to discuss your child’s participation or progress in any program – (02) 9716 6604. We know some children do not have the language to interpret what they have done in a Drama sessions, so we can give you the pointers to start a conversation.


Q. Will photos or film be taken of my child?

Yes, we may take images to give your child as mementos or to put on to the website so you can identify which group you are looking up or to put onto flyers and posters handed out at schools or to put into digital photo albums, etc. If you do not wish your child’s image to be included please let us know – at any time – throughout their participation with Drama Scene. There is a reminder about this option on every Enrolment Form / Invoice! If you opt out – we will make sure you child never feels left out – for example, when we are taking a photograph, they can still dress in costume but they might be given the special job of standing next to the Coach with the Camera and helping to Direct the shot or act out the facial expressions for the children to mimic or perhaps they can assist the camera operator with equipment, etc.


Q. What if a child loses focus or is disruptive?

At the start of every Drama Scene program, Players agree to ‘Our Drama Deals’ – a method of playing and working with other Players that is suggested by group members and agreed by all. If a Player aged 4 – 8 loses focus, they may be reminded of ‘Our Drama Deals’ and asked to participate as an Audience member until the activity changes direction (a maximum of 3 minutes). If a Player aged over 8 years loses focus, they may be asked by the Group to participate as an audience member, until the activity changes direction.

1. Be a good audience.
2. No falling down.
3. No wrestling.
4. No gymnastics.
5. A sparkle in my eye!

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