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* HSC Drama & Drama IP Coaching in home

Coaching with experienced NSW High School Teachers
Flexible bookings – after school & weekends

MONOLOGUE – ESSAY WRITING – IP (Critical Analysis / Design / Performance / Scriptwriting / Video Drama) – GP – THEORY – EXAM PREPARATION – LOG BOOKS

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Settling into a new school, settling into a new class each year, navigating the school playground and childhood friendships all take levels of negotiation, empathy, resilience & understanding that can be difficult to call upon under every circumstance.

Through drama games and role play, working individually with a Drama Coach, children can practise (specific) problem solving, find their voices, grow in self esteem and self confidence.

Personally tailored role-playing techniques can help primary school aged children confront the many challenges of school life (e.g. bullying, assertiveness, friendship dilemmas) in a fun and non-threatening environment. Hourly sessions can take place at Drama Scene sites after school, weekends, school holidays or in your home.


* EXPERIENCED DRAMA COACHES available for;Vacation Care Drama Workshop

  • Drama Specialties for Teachers & Schools
  • Gifted & Talented Programs
  • RFF Drama Workshops
  • Drama BOS Stage 1-3 Teacher support
  • Primary Drama Programs
  • K-6 Drama Curriculum
  • Mandatory Drama
  • Enrichment Programs
  • School based student workshops Stages Early 1 – 6
  • K-6 Teacher PD workshops
  • Conference Papers & Workshop Presentations


* VACATION CAREVacation Care Drama Scene Workshop
Drama Workshop Programs designed to suit the children, centre and school holidays.

Workshops, Presentations and PD by Steph Waites;

  • AGC – Australian Girls Choir
  • Allambie Vacation Care
  • Bellevue Hill Before & After School Vacation Care
  • Clovelly Out Of School Vacation Care
  • Drama Australia National Conference 2011 & 2006
  • Drama NSW / Sydney Theatre Company Primary Teachers Day 2007 2005 2003
  • Drama NSW State Conferences 2013 2009 2008 2007 2005 2004
  • Impro Australia Incorporated – Theatresports Schools Competition Judge
  • Northside Gifted & Talented drama workshop day
  • Oxford Falls Vacation Care
  • Performances by THE DRAMA SCENE PLAYERS
  • Pittwater Out Of School Vacation Care
  • PLC – HSC IP and GP
  • Roseville Kids Care
  • Ryde East Out Of School Vacation Care
  • Warringah Council


* Vacation Care Drama workshops & programs
How about using our ideas to theme your Centre for a day? Your children come along dressed-up, all set to be Pirates, Aliens, Puppies or Spies for example. We provide a Drama Workshop to inspire their characters and we can leave you with ideas for activities and games for the rest of their day.
Flexible half and full day sessions available for Vacation Care Centres.
Fees negotiable in response to number of participants, Staff and Coaches.
Puppy Olympics Cost = Fee (space flexible) Half/Full Day
Spy Training Cost = Fee (space flexible) Half/Full Day
Pirates Cost = Fee (space flexible) Half/Full Day
Aliens Cost = Fee (space flexible) Half/Full Day
Drama Games Cost = Fee (space flexible) Half/Full Day
Theatresports ® Cost = Fee (space flexible) Half/Full Day
Puppetry Cost = Fee + materials (indoor & outdoor space) Full Day
Mask Cost = Fee + materials (indoor & outdoor space) Full Day
Storyplay Theatre Cost = Fee (space flexible) Half/Full Day
Mime Cost = Fee (space flexible) Half/Full Day
Costume Stage Cost = Fee (space flexible) Half/Full Day
Clowning Cost = Fee + makeup (indoor & outdoor space) Full Day
Playwriting Cost = Fee + photocopying (space flexible) 2 Day


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